About Jean Wilson

Born in Scotland and emigrating to Australia in 1969 I completed my formal education in Sydney.  I studied art but could never work out why I was always being taught things I already seemed to know. Unaware of my natural abilities  I became bored and quit study.

Moving to Perth, Western Australia in 1989 I began painting with pastels.  I exhibited and sold numerous paintings and undertook commissions doing pet portraits.  During this period I had noticed a number of artists using photographs in their studios to complete their works.  I followed suite, although I felt my photographs were somewhat underwhelming then suddenly - 'artists block'!  Nothing I could do would improve the situation - that is until I discovered 'Photoshop'.

Purchasing a new DSLR camera, I joined a photography club in order to learn how to gain optimal use of my  new purchase and  how to take a decent photograph!  After a time the need for 'more' crept in to my photography, I needed to add something else, perhaps using a bit of artistic flair.   I  soon became fascinated with photo manipulation - I was hooked!  Telling stories using my off-beat imagination, compositing and manipulation of photographs began to take hold of my life.   Spending many hours in front of my computer practicing and refining my style/skills  often constructing images  from 'daydreams' or 'lucid dreams' I produce images that look quite believable - although highly improbable!

 2017 Jean Wilson Photography  Wanneroo W.A.   Ph: 0404 938 079

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